About Actor's Express & the Advisory Board

Since 1988, Actor’s Express has long been considered one of the most daring theatres in Atlanta. Actor’s Express is a theatre that challenges and reflects contemporary human experiences in an inclusive environment. We seek to jumpstart individual transformations through the shared adventure of our live performances, which range from daringly provocative to audaciously hilarious. 

The Actor’s Express’ Advisory Board will advise and assist the theatre with its stated mission of artistic excellence, community building and collaboration by contributing their time, talent and financial support.

What will the Advisory Board do?

The Advisory Board will aid the Actor's Express staff and the Board of Directors in a number of areas including but not limited to:

  • Encourage and support the exploration of new ideas
  • Act as a resource for the staff and the Board of Directors
  • Impose challenges to the staff and board that could improve the theatre

Why should you join?

The Advisory Board will be comprised of theatre-lovers and artists committed to the theatre’s prosperity and longevity. Actor’s Express recognizes that all individuals have the potential to play an essential role in the theatre and can have a positive impact on its success.

Joining our Advisory Board is an opportunity to help us innovate our programs, network and become an advocate for Actor’s Express.

Members must:

  • Be an Actor’s Express subscriber.
  • Be passionate about theatre and the arts.
  • Be able to attend quarterly meetings.
  • Be motivated, willing to contribute, and collaborate with others.

How do I join?

For more information about joining, please contact [email protected].