As a non-profit theatre organization, Actor’s Express relies on the support of kind donors and enthusiastic ticket buyers. We recognize that we may not see you for some time, but we need you more than ever. Current events have had a profound impact on the lives of our talented artists and our incredible staff. These individuals make what we do here at the Express possible. Please take a moment to make a meaningful contribution to Actor’s Express. Your donation could sustain us during this uncertain time. Theatres and other cultural organizations can provide a respite from the stresses of our uncertain world, and we build community at the times when it’s most important to band together. We hope we can count on your support so that we can be here, stronger than ever, when you’re ready and able to come back. We look forward to seeing you again, and we can’t wait to share a new and exciting season with you. In the meantime, stay safe and don’t lose hope!

Give today, a little bit goes a long way.

Actor’s Express is going through a transformative period, expanding its programming and deepening its commitment to the community while staying true to the core of what makes the organization so special. Our dedication to new work, passion for excellence and commitment to inclusiveness are the cornerstones of success at Actor’s Express.

Your donation is crucial to our success. Only half of our operating funds come from ticket sales. With your support we can continue to produce new plays and create a strong financial footing which will allow the theatre to grow to new heights in years to come.

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The AE In-Crowd is a special group of subscribers dedicated to taking Actor’s Express and its unique brand of bold, adventurous theatre to the next level.

Members of the AE In-Crowd get these exclusive benefits:

  • An AE In-Crowd pin that will grant each donor a free drink at each show
  • Opening night subscription ticket upgrades (limited number available)
  • Name recognition in all Season 32 programs

You can join the AE In-Crowd by making a one-time gift of $100 or renewing your annual donation of $100+.

Make your donation online or contact Development Associate Ebony Jerry at [email protected] or 404-875-1606 x103 for more information about making a pledge.

Join the AE In-Crowd


Patrons of Actor's Express can make a monthly pledge of any amount for a year to AE. The A-List is an exclusive group of recurring donors who get perks and exclusive access to events at the theatre.

Contact Development Associate Ebony Jerry at [email protected] to set up your monthly donation to Actor's Express.