Leave Your Legacy to Actor's Express

When you join the Actor’s Express Legacy Society, you help us continue to create groundbreaking work that challenges and inspires. Explore the various opportunities to leave a legacy to Actor’s Express, and tailor gifts that can benefit AE for years to come. 

In making decisions in regard to your legacy gift, Actor’s Express encourages donors to work with their estate planning lawyers or financial advisers to select the best options that will both benefit Actor’s Express and provide for their loved ones.

For more information on joining the Actor's Express Legacy Society or questions about any of the giving options described below, email Managing Director Alex Scollon at [email protected].

Will or Living Trust

Bequests in your will or living trust play a critical role in helping Actor’s Express secure the future of its programming. Bequests are gifts by will in the form of cash, securities or other property, and may be fully deducted in determining federal and state taxes on your estate. Including Actor’s Express in your will is both flexible -- you are free to alter your plan any time -- and versatile -- you can give a specific amount or percentage of your estate, or make your gift contingent on certain events. You can invest in Actor’s Express tomorrow without giving away any of your assets today. 

If you are ready to include a gift to Actor’s Express in your will, add this suggested wording to the document: 

Actor’s Express, 887 West Marietta Street NW, Suite J-107, Atlanta, Georgia, 30318, is to receive (the sum of $________ or ________ percent of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate) for its general purposes. 

Donor-Advised Fund

Donor-Advised Funds are a way to quickly and easily create a same-year tax deduction by gifting cash or highly-appreciated stock, often recommended by financial advisors and CPAs. If you are setting up a Donor-Advised Fund, consider including Actor's Express in your Donor-Advised Fund’s succession plan. If you already have one, you can use it to make annual gifts to Actor’s Express simply by sending your Donor-Advised Fund a grant recommendation for Actor’s Express.

Appreciated Stock

If you have owned stock for more than a year, and it has increased in value, you can donate the stock directly to Actor’s Express. You will receive an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of your gift when you itemize and will also eliminate capital gains tax

Retirement Plans

Naming Actor’s Express as a beneficiary of your retirement plan is a great way to include the theatre as part of your estate while maximizing the benefit to your loved ones. Due to tax regulations, the transfer of plan assets to family members, other than the spouse, at the death of the plan participant may trigger two federal taxes -- estate tax and income tax -- potentially consuming up to 70% of plan assets and leaving little to family members. Leaving other estate assets like cash, stock or real estate to family members while making a charitable gift of plan assets could provide a major gift to Actor’s Express at minimal cost to heirs.

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are over the age of 70½, the IRS requires you to take distributions annually from your individual retirement account and pay taxes on them. Through the IRA Charitable Rollover provision, you can donate directly to Actor’s Express from your IRA account. Since Actor’s Express is a nonprofit, you will pay no income tax on the gift, so you benefit even if you don’t itemize your tax deductions. A gift to Actor’s Express can satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution. Please contact your financial advisor to confirm your eligibility.