The Lighting and Sound Intern position is designed to provide early-career technicians with first-hand experience on fully realized productions, further develop existing skills, and prepare the Intern for professional work.

Working directly with the Master Electrician and Production Manager, the Intern will be integral to realizing the visual and acoustic needs of each mainstage production in the season. The Master Electrician will work with the Intern to establish an understanding of their needs and goals, and together develop a list of duties to meet the theatre and Intern’s needs equally. This Intern position will be paid a 400$ stipend per Mainstage Production.

During the Internship the applicant will learn:

  • Reading and working with lighting and sound design paperwork packages.
  • Patching and addressing conventional and intelligent lighting devices.
  • Basic to intermediate ETC Ion lighting console programming.
  • Rigging safety for lighting and sound equipment.
  • Installing and patching sound equipment for plays and musicals.
  • Installing and maintaining wired and wireless intercom systems.
  • Installing and maintaining wired and wireless DMX data for lighting devices.
  • Installing and configuring projectors for the stage.
  • Atmospheric effects, and their associated industry regulations and practices.
  • Scheduling, budgeting, and balancing designers’ desires with the theatre’s needs.

The Intern’s duties include:

  • Working as an electrician during hang, focus and strike for each mainstage production.
  • Working as Board Operator for two of the mainstage productions.
  • Work as Sound Engineer for the Summer Musical production.
  • Working as Board Programmer during techs for all mainstage productions.
  • Assisting Master Electrician with fixture and system maintenance.
  • Assisting Master Electrician with preparations for work calls and tech rehearsals.
  • Assisting Master Electrician with inventory tracking during hang and strike.

Additionally, the aforementioned opportunities will be supplemented with workshops offered by staff, curated to satisfy the Intern’s individual goals. These classes may include but are not limited to:

  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Design 
  • Budgeting Hiring and Scheduling
  • Drafting and Paperwork Management for Lighting and Sound
  • Advanced Programming on ETC Ion for Conventional and Intelligent Fixtures

The Intern will be given the opportunity to design and implement lighting and sound for AE special programming and the annual Intern Showcase.

To apply:  Contact our Production Manager, Seamus Bourne ([email protected]), with an email titled your name and which production internship you are applying for. Please send a cover letter, current resume, and if applicable your portfolio/website.