The Intern Company at Actor's Express is one of the most rigorous and successful programs of its kind in the Atlanta area. It is designed to bridge the gap between the educational and professional phases of early career artists. In residence for a full calendar year, interns work intensively in their respective areas of specialty and are also immersed in all layers of a professional theatre context.

The program has three primary goals:

  1. To expand the skills of the artist through rehearsal, understudy rehearsal, performance, understudy performance, class work and by participating in the workings of a professional theatre company
  2. To successfully bridge the transition from student training to professional theatre career
  3. To inspire the human being with the theatre's potential for impact.

The workload is broad and demanding. Interns can expect an average time commitment of 20-35 hours per week in the theatre. In addition to practicum work, interns take ten classes taught by working professionals.

Actor’s Express is committed to fighting systemic racism and white supremacy. Further, AE is committed to reflecting, promoting and defending diversity in all its forms at every layer of the organization. These include the following: Programming, Artists, Intern Company, Staff/AE Workplace, Board of Directors, and Audiences.

To read the full Actor's Express Anti-Racism & Anti-Bias Action Plan, click here.

2019-2020 Intern Company

Acting Interns

Tanyah Anderson – Shorter University  
Marcia Cunning – Virginia Commonwealth University  
Eliott Grenier – Kennesaw State University  
Josh Hudson – University of Georgia
Gillian Rabin – Oglethorpe University
TJ Ruth – Virginia Commonwealth University  
Caitlyn Shiner – Wright State University  

Acting/Directing Intern:

Kayla Parker – Howard University

Directing Intern:

Andrew Sabonis-Chafee – Baylor University

Stage Management Intern:

Mahala Dawn Johnson – University of South Alabama

How to Apply

Due to COVID-related programming delays and existing commitments to incoming interns, Actor’s Express is not currently accepting applications for the Intern Company. As the world begins to return to normal, please check back on this page for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pursue an internship?

An internship can be a good option for those students looking to bridge the sometimes difficult transition from student to professional. Interns learn about all layers of making theatre in a professional environment and develop skills over the course of the year. Additionally, interns make important professional connections with the artists who work with AE.

What makes the Actor’s Express internship different?

AE considers itself a teaching theatre, much in the same way some hospitals are teaching hospitals. As a result, interns are embedded in every layer of the theatre’s operations. The curriculum of the internship is clear and focused. It is extremely rigorous and sets a high standard for professionalism and work ethic. AE values its interns and they are treated in an extremely professional way. There are many internships available to early career artists, but few that approach the experience like AE.

Is this internship paid?

No. The Actor’s Express internship does not offer payment. However, to ensure access for artists from multiple economic backgrounds, the internship is designed so that each intern can hold down a full time job during the work week. Interns’ commitment to the theatre is typically restricted to nights and weekends.

Is housing provided?

No, at this time housing is not provided.

What have previous interns gone on to do with their careers?

Many Actor’s Express interns choose to stay in Atlanta to begin their professional careers. AE interns have gone on to perform on almost every professional stage in Atlanta and many key positions in organizations around the city are held by former AE interns. Many have also returned to AE as professionals to perform or work in other capacities. Some interns have chosen to begin careers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. AE interns have also gone on to graduate programs at such schools as Yale School of Drama, DePaul University, NYU, Savannah College of Art and Design and the University of Southern Mississippi.