Freddie Ashley, Artistic Director
Email | 404-875-1606 x101

Seamus M. Bourne, Production Manager
Email | 404-875-1606 x104

James Cash, Technical Director

Sheila Oliver, Casting Director


Alex Scollon, Managing Director
Email | 404-875-1606 x102

Kristen Gwock Silton, Marketing and Development Director
Email | 404-875-1606 x103

Hollie Rivers, Marketing and Development Manager
Email | 404-875-1606 x106

Corey Smith, Box Office Manager
Email | 404-875-1606 x105

Natalie Fox, House Manager

Daryl Fazio, Graphic Designer

Hollie Rivers, Box Office Assistant

Ibi Owolabi, Box Office Assistant

Ebony Jerry, Box Office Assistant

Associate Artists

John Benzinger, Actor
Kat Conley, Scenic Designer
David Crowe, Director
Melissa Foulger, Director
Clifton Guterman, Actor
Joseph P. Monaghan III, Lighting Designer
Elizabeth Rasmusson, Costume Designer
Doyle Reynolds, Actor
Erik Teague, Costume Designer
Kathleen Wattis, Actress
Libby Whittemore, Actress
Steve Yockey, Playwright