Backstage at Company with Kathy

Posted on August 10, 2016

Emily Stembridge, AE Intern and Kathy in Companygives us a behind-the-scenes look at the show in this photo/video blog!

Just a quick tour with Kathy through the show and even some backstage tomfoolery!

Mic check time! Featuring Kelly Chapin Martin, Alli Lingerfelter and Lowrey Brown.

The ever brilliant Preston Goodson! He was totally not posing for this picture...Haha! He is the best at making sure the tech is on point!

Our fearless Stage Manager Alicia Quirk double checking lights and keeping everything and everyone safe and sound...and on time!

This is DeCorian Cobb doing the intern-ly duty of fixing one of our hanging lights so that it works and doesn't come tumbling down on our heads. All in a day's work!

My work station. It's messy but it works. Honestly, I have never been great at doing my hair but thanks to our great costume designer Deyah Brenner and my wonderful dressing roommates, I can now do one truly fancy hairstyle!

Got to be full for "You Could Drive A Person Crazy," so here's a little PB&J snack for Kathy to munch on backstage. Girl's gotta eat!

Lee Lundy, AE Intern 2016, going on for his role as the awesome waiter! He shares this role with another intern DeCorian Cobb!

The gorgeous and talented Lucy Gross as well as the ever dapper and also talented Max Mattox taking position backstage during ACT 2!

Jarod Boles (bass) and myself representing Kennesaw State University College of the Arts! Yay degrees!

Some of our talented band members taking a break between Acts! We've got a talented bunch here!