Don't Be Afraid to Ask!

Posted on March 22, 2016

We've been getting a lot of questions about Serial Black Face, so we brought in Janine Nabers, the playwright, to give you some answers!

What does the title Serial Black Face mean? Is the play about someone in black face?
"The title alludes to the repetition of black people, black faces, that were repetitively being taken during the Atlanta Child Murders when no one had the means to stop it." Serial Black Face is not about someone wearing black face makeup.

Why would I want to see a play about the Atlanta Child Murders?
"The Atlanta Child Murders were a representation of black children being slaughtered in the streets. Questions unanswered. Restless families. That’s still happening today. Only now it’s #blacklivesmatter. Yesterday it was this."

What is the playwright's relationship to the Atlanta Child Murders?
"I had read about the Atlanta Child Murders many years ago. They happened before I was born, but my brother and sister were both young and living in the South (where I was born) when black kids started going missing."

So, what is Serial Black Face about?
"I’ve always wanted to write a story about a complicated mother daughter relationship. In writing Serial Black Face, I wanted to examine a mother who is grieving over the loss of her son and a daughter who is acting out because she’s lost her brother. In the play a strange man enters their home and the mother and daughter are deeply changed. The play is a metaphor for what was happening at the time in Atlanta. Many black mothers were losing children right from under the noses. None of them had concrete answers. And none of them ever thought someone black was causing their people so much harm."