Notes on a Season ...

Posted on May 01, 2014

If you've made it to this blog page, you've no doubt seen the news of our new season! We just announced it today and I am extremely proud of the lineup we've assembled.

Planning a season is a tough business. It's not only the most important thing I do in my capacity of Artistic Director, but it's also the most fun. I love sitting down to think about assembling the work that will resonate with our audience and also move the theatre forward artistically.

It's also a long process. As soon as one season starts in September, I start planning the following one. It is a months-long process that typically culminates in late March or mid-April. Individual plays are considered, but so is the overall blend. While I don't pick seasons around a particular theme, I do quite a bit of scenario planning to see what the overall impact of a season has the potential to be.

The 2014-15 season charts a pretty dynamic artistic course for Actor's Express over the next year. I believe the experiences we will offer have the potential to move and engage audiences in thrilling ways. We've had a great season this year, but I'm not content to rest on our laurels. It is crucial that we build on the good will we have generated all season long to keep giving audiences what they expect from us -- and also to offer challenges and surprises they can't find anywhere else in town.