Reactions to The New Century

Posted on November 05, 2008

It's been so gratifying to see the response to our current production, The New Century by Paul Rudnick.

Collectively, we've all been through a lot of uncertainty these past few months. The economy has been erratic, and the election season was long and at times bruising. Thankfully, the election is over and we can all hopefully come together to look forward to a new beginning.

It's at times like these that we need laughter more than ever. It's very restorative to be able to step out of life for a couple of hours and just laugh ourselves silly.

Just as important, though, is to pay attention the restorative power of new beginnings. That's what The New Century celebrates, as the three central characters in the play (who on the surface seem to have little in common) can come together and forge an unlikely friendship. I'm pretty big into metaphors, and I think there's a great one in this play.

I can't wait to see another performance of the show, whereupon I will laugh myself silly again. I hope to see you at the theatre. If we're there on the same night, be sure to say hi (in between your own fits of laughter)!

Here's to laughter and new beginnings!