The Color Purple: MEET CELIE!

Posted on June 08, 2018

Latrice Pace
Photo by Ashley Earles-Bennett

What is your experience with The Color Purple?

My experience has been another journey of self acceptance, one of pulling back the layers of my own insecurities and finding the beauty in what I may feel are flaws or less favorable physical features. 

What is it like to be cast in the role of Celie? 

The role of Celie is the role of a lifetime. It's also a heavy responsibility to deliver the author's intent, to accurately portray Celie's journey from being a captive to free, from mute to finding her voice and discovering her self worth without ever playing the victim. At her seemingly weakest, she was strong.

What are you excited for people to see in this production? 

I want the audience to see and understand that we all have a journey. We all have an opportunity to evolve, grow, change. Let us be merciful and extend grace to one another. Give each other a chance to be different, changed, without reminding them of their past. 

Do you have a favorite song to perform in the show?

Hands down, "I'm Here."

What has been your favorite part about being in the AE production?

Meeting new creatives. The chance to work with past creatives again. The opportunity to tell this story.

What do you hope audiences leave feeling? 

Hope. It doesn't matter what they have had to face and overcome, there is hope, and hope changes everything. I also want them to feel the freeing power in forgiveness and the overwhelming gift of love that has been given to us all.

The Color Purple runs at Actor's Express June 16-July 29. Call 404.607.7469 for tickets.