Posted on November 15, 2019

You may have spotted our past interns around Atlanta lately doing some BIG things. The Intern Company at Actor's Express is one of the most rigorous and successful programs of its kind in the Atlanta area. We wanted to take a moment to congratulate their successes and share their accomplishments! Join us in celebrating them.

IBI OWOLABI (2016-2017 Intern Company) 

Congratulations to previous intern and current Box Office Associate Ibi Owolabi for joining the producing team of The Weird Sisters Theatre Project! Ibi is also directing a show now playing at Theater Emory, The Nether. 

EBONY JERRY (2017-2018 Intern Company) 

Congratulations to previous intern and current Box Office Associate Ebony Jerry for winning the 2019 Suzi Award for Outstanding Acting Ensemble in The Wolves at Horizon Theatre!

JEREMIAH DAVISON (2017-2018 Intern Company)

Also a current Box Office Associate at AE, Jeremiah was recently seen on stage in Ghost at Alliance Theatre and has served as Sound Designer or Assistant Sound Designer many shows around Atlanta, including Downstairs and Head Over Heels.

ABBY HOLLAND (2016-2017 Intern Company)

Abby Holland was recently seen as Pamela in our production of Head Over Heels. You may have also seen her as an understudy in Ride the Cyclone at Alliance Theatre. 

JESSICA BROWDER (2018-2019 Intern Company)

Jessica Browder recently directed What The Woolf Wore, a Stripped Bare Project at Synchronicty Theatre.


You may have seen Andy Stanesic, Curtis Lipsey, Gil Eplan-Frankel, Kevin Qian, Brandon Deen, Ryan Vo, Kate Leanne Jacoby, Taylor Bahin and Ashton Montgomery on stage around Atlanta at Act3, Horizon Theatre, Essential Theatre, Atlanta Shakespeare Company, Out of Box Theatre, Theatrical Outfit and more. Our previous Production Intern Kayleigh Mikell is now Production Manager at Out Front Theatre Company. Precious West has recently joined the staff at Actor’s Express as Development Manager. Justin Kalin serves as Literary Manager and Casting Director at Out Front Theatre and is Casting Associate at AE. Max Mattox is on tour with Paw Patrol Live, and Sean Alexander is a member of the 2019-2020 New York Academy Company at the American Academy of Dramatic Art!

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