Where No Intern Has Gone Before

Posted on November 28, 2015

Intern Skyler Passmore reporting for duty.

After my recent graduation from Starfleet Academy (Brenau University) I was assigned to the starship "Express" where I will be exploring new worlds, discovering new life and boldly going where no intern has gone before.

Intern Log: Startdate 8.17

First intern meeting. I have befriended most of these people on Facebook. Freddie Ashley bought pizza. Everyone is too polite to go for a second slice.

Intern Log: Stardate 8.18

First read-through of Stupid Fucking Bird at Oglethorpe University. The title of the play makes it awkward explaining this whole intern thing to my grandmother.

Intern Log: Stardate 8.25

Theo Harness is a very snappy dresser.

Intern Log: Stardate 9.01

Photoshoot for understudy performance of Stupid Fucking Bird. Damien reminds me of Andre 3000.

Intern Log: Stardate 9.12

OPENING NIGHT RECEPTION of Stupid Fucking Bird! Pretty people and awkward mingling commence in 3…2…1…

Intern Log: Stardate 9.15

First day of clowning class. I’m in love with Maia Knispel. Maia if you’re reading this, please marry me.

Intern Log: Stardate 9.17

It’s been a month now. No one has killed each other… yet.

Intern Log: Stardate 9.21

Fundraising event at Wild Heaven Brewery. Thank you AE for enabling my functional addiction.

Intern Log:Stardate 9.22

Edith Freni is making me create a "pinterest" for script analysis. I just found a cookie receipie. I think I'm supposed to finding design ideas for a play, but now I just want cookies.

Intern Log: Stardate 9.25

Understudy performance of Stupid Fucking Bird is nigh. Passions are high. Sleep is (ha-ha). I miss my dog.

Intern Log: Stardate 9.27


Intern Log: Stardate 9.28

Oh god…my head. How much did we drink? And whose baby is this?

Intern Log: Stardate 10.10

Happy Birthday Theo Harness! And happy closing night Stupid Fucking Bird! We’ll miss you!

Passmore Out.