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Adaptation by

Hannah Church

Music & Lyrics by

Julia Goudreault


"The Yellow Wallpaper was not intended to drive people crazy, but to save people from being driven crazy, and it worked."

It is 1891, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a writer, has just finished a treatment called the "rest cure." Imagine lying in bed for eight weeks in complete isolation, with only your thoughts to guide you. This cure, which in 2016 looks more like solitary confinement, was the advanced medical care of its time. But now that the treatment is over, and Charlotte’s mind is at its breaking point, her doctor Silas Mitchell has given a new prognosis. She can never write again if she intends to get better.

What will Charlotte decide?

Come and experience this classic short story with a new haunting musical twist!

This selection will be performed at Actor's Express.

Tickets for the Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival are $25 for a single event, $45 for two events, $60 for three events and $70 for all four events.

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