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Ghostlight is a new program at Actor's Express that offers Independent and emerging artists space and opportunity to present their work for an audience with the support of a professional theatre.

“unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense.”
-e.e. cummings

“you love someone: nothing makes sense.”
-what he was really thinking

The Lakes follows John and Gladys, whose marriage has hit a bump in the road. Not one to give up easily, Gladys creates a playdate for the two of them. As six-year-olds.

She believes that by giving little John a lesson in the reality of love, big John will grow up to be someone better equipped for the ups and downs of couplehood.

When things start going in ways Gladys didn’t prepare for, she herself gets a lesson about giving up control and putting your heart in someone else’s hands.

John: Josh Brook
Gladys: Devon Hales
Mr. Hetherington: Eric Lang

Written by Daniel Glenn

The midnight show on October 1 will be a staged reading of the first act (<1 hour run time), which stands as a complete story on its own. The 7 PM on October 4 will include the second act, which zooms the couple ahead to old age.

Both events will be Pay What You Decide, after the performance. Reservations recommended.