Based on personal interviews with von Mahlsdorf, Doug Wright’s Pulitzer and Tony-winning play tells a complex tale about tyranny, sexuality, morality, and survival.


Doug Wright


Freddie Ashley


Winner of both the 2004 Pulitzer Prize and 2004 Tony Award for Best Play, I Am My Own Wife spins the spellbinding tale of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a German transvestite who survived the horrors and upheavals of mid-20th century Europe through a combination of cunning intelligence, primal instinct and amazingly good fortune. Her matter-of-fact retelling of this remarkable, yet at times questionable, tale is the key to the fascination she inspires in both the author and the audience. Although it is non-fiction, the story is spun like an action-adventure drama, with a cross-dressing furniture buff as the hero.

Doyle Reynolds plays thirty-six diverse characters creating a vivid portrait of the cunning and outrageous Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, an openly gay German transvestite who survived and flourished within the harrowing eras of Hitler’s Gestapo and East Germany’s Stasi. 

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