A romantic comedy adventure con mucho pasion!

In her first days of separation from a philandering husband, Barbara encounters a sixteenth-century conquistador in her twenty-first century living room. Though she's previously revelled in flamboyant fantasies about Spain, this conquistador and his cruel and bloodthirsty approach to life were never a part of them... until now. Through a milieu of real and imaginary characters, Barbara sorts through the leftovers of her life and learns how to make something of them.

"...[Knable] tosses it at you with a daffy verve..."
-- The New York Times

"Knable has landed somewhere on the map close to Christopher Durang and John Patrick Shanley."
-- nytheatrewire.com

"The play offers a tantalizing blend of the romantic with the fantastic. That it never turns silly but remains curiously and steadfastly charged with ambiguous resolves is a wonder. But best of all, it never fails to keep us intrigued by all of the delirious doings. Knable... demonstrates an original, keen and fresh flair for dramatic writing that should be encouraged."
-- Theatre Scene


Jim Knable


Rachel May

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