In The Mystery of Irma Vep, the late playwright Charles Ludlam set out to spoof as many gothic clich's using as few actors as humanly possible. Thus two men play multiple roles -- at times making costume changes that seem virtually instantaneous -- in a plot that riffs on pulp novels, Rebecca, Gaslight and innumerable vampire, werewolf and mummy movies from Universal and Hammer studios. 

David Crowe plays both Lord Edgar of Hillcrest manor and the sinister housekeeper Jane. Yet despite giving Edgar a milquetoast manner and Jane a nasal voice worthy of Mel Blanc, Crowe is the more reserved of the two-man cast. He gives plenty of space to Hugh Adams, who flounces hilariously as Edgar's dim new wife Enid, limps lasciviously as a one-legged Scottish servant and lisps flamboyantly as an Egyptian guide (who pronounces "sarcophagus" as "sarco-fag-us").


Charles Ludlam


Randee Trabitz

Cast & Creative Team

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