Who are The Actor’s Express Accomplices?

The Accomplices are a group of volunteer audience and community members who meet regularly to collectively celebrate Actor’s Express’ programming via an insider’s look into our play-making process.

Why is this group important to Actor’s Express?

When an audience is asked to participate in a conversation outside of just watching the play, they become an important part of not only what’s being said but also how. We give our patrons a voice and environment for discussion and dialogue. An audience that is engaged through additional participation gets more out of our art. At Actor’s Express, we strive to provide fuller encounters.

What are the expectations and time commitment to be an Accomplice?

Being an Accomplice won’t take up much of your free time, and the experience is fun and rewarding!

  • A General Orientation/Mixer for the entire Accomplices group at/near the top of the season.
  • 2-3 social activities during the run of each show, including:
    • First Rehearsal Mixer - drinks and snacks and in-the-room access to first read through, design presentations, cast meet and greet, etc.
    • Tech Pot Luck Dinner - Join the staff as we pitch in to reward the production team for their hard work near the end of a two-day technical rehearsal process. Come early to see tech in progress or stay after for a first run with cues (if scheduled).
    • Accomplice Night - always the first preview of each run. Accomplices get ½ price (or $10 preview tickets) via a promo code that is shareable with friends!

Other perks include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Invites to all show-themed talk backs and/or panels and guests. (And … we welcome your input for ideas!)

  • Access to A.E. special events. When the Express has free seats, extra comps or just wants to share the love, Accomplices will be the first folks invited!


If you're interested in joining The Accomplices or if you need more information, please email [email protected]