General Parking

Parking at King Plow

Parking is available in the new King Plow Arts Center parking deck.

Parking is $10 in the deck. Actor's Express does not operate the parking deck and shares it with Terminal West and the event venue at King Plow. On busy nights it can become quite crowded.

To get you out after the play quickly, we recommend every AE patron takes the following steps:

1. Pre-pay your parking before returning to your car in one of the following ways:

  • Purchase a prepaid parking ticket at the AE box office with cash or credit card when you pick up your ticket.
  • Purchase a prepaid parking ticket at the AE concessions bar with cash or credit card at intermission or after the show.
  • Use the self-serve kiosks with a credit card at the entrance to King Plow to pay for your parking.

2. Park in the upper lot, Entrance B

Nearly all AE patrons park in the lower section of the garage (Entrance A) if you chose to go in the second entrance and park in the upper section (Entrance B) you will get out much more easily and shorten the line coming out for everyone else. Just drive a few feet past Entrance A and turn into Entrance B on the right.

3. Put your card in the right way!

After most shows, an AE staff person will be on site to help you get out of the parking garage. In case they are not, remember your card goes into the parking machine with the magnetic strip facing up and to the right.

Follow these tips, and we will able to get everyone out much more quickly even when there are multiple big events going on.

Parking Hacks

Now for two secrets to help you park and get out even easier.

  1. If there is a valet use it! When weddings and events move into the event space they are required to have a valet. Nine times out of ten this valet is free of charge and more than happy to park AE patrons cars (we tip well apparently). Just be sure to ask how long they will be there to make sure they don't plan to pack up before the show ends. It has not happened yet, but we would hate for it to happen to you.
  2. Walk over! Park in Lot 9 or at a restaurant and walk down to the theatre. Lot 9 is the King Plow lot at the west end of the complex, and walking over the bridge separating AE from restaurants like 5 Seasons and Bar Taco could not be easier. Leave about 10 mins to make the walk in either case. Not only is this a healthy option, but these lots are free to park in.

Handicap Accessible Parking

Handicap parking is available in the traffic circle directly in front of the theater entrance and in marked spaces throughout the parking lot and parking garage.